Digital Education Decoded

Hacia la educación híbrida

June 30, 2022 Academic Software Season 1 Episode 3
Digital Education Decoded
Hacia la educación híbrida
Show Notes

In Episode 3 of Digital Education Decoded, Alex Rayón Jerez speaks with Cristina Villalonga (Director of Global Campus Nebrija) and Lorena Delgado (Coordinator of Techno-Pedagogical Support at Global Campus Nebrija). They discuss how we understand hybrid education; the value of personalising the learning experience; and the importance of promoting the development of digital competencies for students and educators. They also explore the terms digital pedagogy, and digital humanism, and discuss the concept of digital diet. 


Episode notes

●     Reports

○     A scientific report on the study of the level of digital competence of university teachers in Spain, carried out jointly by CRUE (the Conference of Spanish University Rectors) (IT/Communication and Teaching Sectors) and the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, based on the DigCompEdu model, will be published shortly.

○     Digital Education Action Plan (2021-2027) of the European Commission

○     2022 ECUCASE Horizon Report. Teaching and Learning Edition

●     Recommended book

○     Digital Education at University Level. A 360° approach (2022). Coordinated by Cristina Villalonga-Gómez, Patricia Ibáñez-Ibáñez and Carmen Marta-Lazo.

○     A Pedagogy of Communication (1998), by edu-communicator Mario Kaplún.

○     Hooked. Amazon link

●     Twitter recommended

○     @NebrijaGlobal

●     Recommended podcast or newsletter

○     Teaching strategies by Antonio Fernández-Coca, from the Universitat de les Illes Balears